QRG Health City announces special services for senior citizens

QRG Health City announces special services for senior citizens

Faridabad, 6th August 2017: QRG Health City Hospital today introduced a special privileged service “Sakshyam” for the senior citizens of Faridabad besides organizing a free bone health camp. The senior citizen card which carries a host of privileges was launched by Dr Gulshan Arora, Civil Surgeon, Faridabad District. The card will entitle its members to a range of discounted medical facilities and related amenities at the QRG Hospitals located across the city. It also entitles its holders to discounts on health checks, diagnostic services, medicines, room rents and participation in health forums.   

“As people get older, they are more likely to have mobility difficulties and chronic conditions such as cancer, stroke, depression and dementia. The need of the hour is to create and consider means which can be put in place to respond to the aging population,” said Dr. Gulshan Arora during its launch. World Health Organisation statistics reveal that older people are the fastest-growing age group worldwide. By 2050, 2 billion people, or nearly one out of every four people, will be older than 60 years.

Participants also benefited from the free bone health camp organized by the hospital. More than XXX people availed free consultation from senior orthopedic surgeons, bone mineral density test, random blood sugar and ECG. According to Dr Harish Ghoota, HOD, Orthopedics, QRG Health City, Faridabad, “Advanced technology, better quality of implants and growing patient awareness has made knee replacement one of the most commonest and successful surgeries.” He was referring to very recent technological development called computer navigation which not only addresses the issue of mal alignment in conventional surgery leading to pain post surgery but also was able to use this technology in hip and partial knee replacement. Around 15 patients who had successfully undergone knee replacement surgery at the hospital shared their journey from pain to a pain free mobility life with others.

Arthritis affecting a joint such as knee and hips has been on the rise in the country. Till a few years back, only patients in the above 55-60 years age group were undergoing knee replacement. But now younger patients who have an acute condition are going for it. With the increasing life span, degenerative diseases like pain in the joint, spine and osteoporosis which affect the bone health are also on the rise. But early treatment with modern devices goes a long way in bringing about relief.

About QRG Health City:

The Faridabad based QRG health City hospital is the flagship hospital of the QRG Medicare group, which herald the groups with a noble intention to enter the healthcare space. The hospital spreads across 5 acres of sprawling campus in the state of Haryana. The hospital has been planned and designed as a 450 bedded tertiary care multi-specialty facility.

The QRG Health City is committed to providing world-class healthcare supported by renowned consultants and most advanced technology. QRG Health City is a super-specialty hospital with advance healthcare facilities, the latest diagnostic services, and state- of-the –art technology focused on medical specialties that meet the needs of masses. The plan, design and construction of this hospital position itself amongst best hospitals building in India.

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