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Department of ENT and Cochlear Implant

The Department of ENT and Cochlear Implant at QRG Central Hospital offers facilities for the diagnosis and treatment of afflictions of the ear, nose, throat, head and neck organs. Our ENT specialists range from audiologists, auditory verbal development experts to speech and language therapists aided by competent nurses trained in the field of otolaryngological disorders. We strive for the highest international standards of diagnostic, medical and surgical treatment with the assistance of our state-of-the-art technological infrastructure to handle ENT conditions in young children and adults with utmost competence.

Excellence in Otolaryngology at QRG Central Hospital:

The ENT department is equipped to provide comprehensive care for all ear, nose and throat related ailments such as adenoids, sinusitis, tinnitus, nasal airway obstruction, tonsilitis, eardrum perforation, etc. It covers all aspects of otolaryngological care including tests such as audiometry and nasal endoscopy, microsurgery for ear drum and voice problems, laser surgery, cochlear implants, speech therapy as well as cosmetic rhinoplasty. We use the latest in advanced surgical instruments and diagnostic equipment to conduct the most basic and routine investigations at one end and the most complex and intricate surgeries on the other.

The comprehensive solutions at the hospital also extend to the treatment of young children who suffer from paediatrics ENT conditions.


    The Department of ENT and Cochlear Implant provides a comprehensive treatment for Ear, Nose and Throat related ailments and is well equipped to handle any kind of emergencies.

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  • Services & Procedures

    The Department of ENT and Cochlear Implants is equipped with the most advanced technologies, up-to-date surgical equipments and procedures to conduct advanced surgeries.

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  • Technology

    Technology facilitates accurate diagnosis of various ailments for fast recovery. Take a glance at QRG Central Hospital & Research Centre’s cutting-edge-technology.

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