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Department of Academics (Training, Education and Research)

Academics is a fundamental part of a health care institution as it is vital to constantly improve services and remain up-to-date with the latest in healthcare industry. It is QRG Health City’s earnest endeavour to train both clinical and non-clinical in-house staffs to handle any critical situations. In future, the hospital plans to develop patterns of training for postgraduates.

The purpose of this department is to enhance and develop the skills in observation of patients, accurate interpretation of reports, handling critical situations, reacting promptly in emergency, and help in developing capability to act and think independently. The staffs are trained to develop both patient care and gain knowledge about technical aspects of intensive care.

Our continuous training programs enable both clinical and non-clinical staff to develop their careers and achieve high levels of performance on the job and to advance to the next level of responsibility. Continuous training of nursing staff helps them to upgrade their skills to achieve high level of clinical knowledge and technical skills. The training also ensures that nurses enhance their soft skills and communicate with patients with absolute empathy and kindness.

The goal of the interdepartmental training is to advance the study and research to foster collaboration within all departments to achieve cognitive, emotional, and behavioural manifestations.

ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) Training Programme
The nurses & doctors of QRG Health City would periodically undergo ACLS program to help them understand and gain knowledge about the critical situations that could arise and help them focus on patient safety.