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Conditions & Treatments


Below are the treatment options available for Arthritis:

  • Early Arthritis A telescope is inserted into the knee and products of wear and tear are removed.
    • Walk (in case of knee & hip arthritis)
    • Exercises – Range of motion exercises/ Strengthening exercises
    • Analgesics – joint lubricant drugs
    • Physiotherepy
  • Moderate Arthritis: A treatment called ‘Arthroscopic Debridement’ in which a telescope is inserted into the knee and products of wear and tear are removed.
  • Advanced Arthritis: The only option that remains is ‘Joint Replacement’.
  • High Tibial Osteotomy: The shin bone (tibia) is cut at the upper end and realigned to distribute the loads in a knee which is only partially arthritic.
  • Total Hip Replacement: Old, deformed, degenerated (or damaged), stiff joints are replaced by surgery to a metallic joint, which usually includes change of particular part of thigh bone, leg bone & knee cap. These metallic parts are highly polished, defined, smooth, made up of (Co-cr or titanium) & poly (pmma).
  • Unicondylar Knee Replacement: When only one half of the knee joint is worn out then only one side of the knee is replaced. It can be done in specific conditions, which only the surgeon can judge and advice.

Joint Replacements

Aim of joint replacement surgery is change of painful, deformed, stiff, unresponsive joint to a painless and straight joint.
In joint replacement surgery damaged part of a joint is replaced with metallic implants:

  • Knee replacements: Total knee replacement, Unicondylar knee replacement, Constrained knee replacement
  • Hip replacement: Converted hip replacement, Unconverted hip replacement, Constrained hip replacement, Hemiarthroplasty

Sports Injury

Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine:

  • Arthroscopy: It is a minimally invasive telescopic surgery (key hole surgery) needed for injuries of ligaments, tendons and other soft tissues in major joints like- knee, shoulder, elbow & ankle. It can also be helpful in non traumatic joint problems in middle or old age persons.