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How to get a medical opinion and cost of the treatment?

Patient needs to inform the hospital about the main problem, present and past history of medical ailments and need to send all the medical reports. Once the details are complete, these are discussed with the respective doctors and appropriate treatment plan is made and sent to the patient.

Do you provide Visa Invitation Letter?

Yes, we do provide Medical Visa Invitation Letter after we receive all the details from patient including the passport copy.

What are the modes of payments?

Payments can be made in cash after arrival and can also be transferred via internet banking in hospital’s account.

How do I schedule an appointment with a doctor?

An appointment can be scheduled with a doctor via telephone/email or through our website.

Can I register an appointment by phone?

Yes, appointments can be registered via phone through the help desk.

For which services do I need to pay upfront?

Appointments are provided without any charges, whereas for rest of the services, payment is needed upfront.

How do I send my medical documents?

Medical Documents can be sent via an email or can be uploaded on our website.

Can I send medical documents written in other languages?

Medical Documents are preferred to be sent in English Language only.

Do you assist with airport transfers to international patients?

Yes, an airport pick and drop facility is available for the international patients.

Do you provide accommodation & meal to attendant while patient is admitted?

Yes, accommodation and meals are provided on chargeable basis.

Do you facilitate in booking guest house/ hotels/ service apartments?

Comprehensive facilitation services are available for booking guest houses/hotels or service apartments.

Which communication services/facilities are available?

The hospital is fully Wi-fi enabled and internet services are provided to the patient and attendants of international patients.

Are the treatments affordable at QRG Central Hospital & Research Centre?

Indeed, treatment charges are quite affordable and up to global standards.

What if the visa expires while undergoing treatment at the hospital?

Due precaution would be taken to avoid this situation. However, the patient or attendant would be informed prior and assistance would be provided in extension of the visa.

What currency is expected by the hospital?

Preferred mode of currency would be Indian Rupees however all currencies are accepted.

How much time does follow-up take?

Follow up time would be dependent on patient’s illness. For a basic follow up, a 2-3 days visit can be planned.

While making an appointment what, medical information is required?

Patient's chief complaint, past and present medical history and all the reports pertaining to illness needs to be sent via email or can be uploaded on website.

I do not speak English, how do I communicate with the doctors and staffs?

Specific language interpreters’ support would be there and all the information and communication shall be routed through them.

What types of cuisines are available in the hospital cafeteria?

All international cuisines are available in the hospital like African, Arabic, Afghani, Continental, Italian and others.

Are there any prayer rooms in the hospital?

Yes, a prayer room is available for all the patients or attendants, irrespective of the religion.